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Altius Tough Training Poles

Altius Fiberglass Training Poles have twice the glass of our basic pole and are designed to serve as a tool to improve athletes programming of neurological and bio-mechanical pathways. Athletes will notice significant improvements in timing and efficiency working with the Altius Vault Tough Training Poles.

The user of this pole assumes ALL risks and assumes sole responsibility for the care and handling of the pole. Altius makes NO WARRANTY regarding the pole after it has been placed into use and does not and cannot guarantee that injury to user will not occur.

To order call, text, or email

Phone 281.913.9981
Email: altiuspv@gmail.com


Length (ft) Rating (5 lbs increments) Price (USD)
11'0" 100 to 200 $330.00
12'0" 100 to 200 $356.00
13'0" 110 to 220 $404.00
14'0" 120 to 250 $445.00
Length (cm) Rating (kg) Price (USD)
335 46 to 91 $330.00
375 46 to 91 $356.00
400 50 to 100 $404.00
425 55 to 113 $445.00